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Solarpunk Graphic Novel ages 8+
Megan Lloyd

“Captain by Default” isn’t exactly how 12-year-old Lena Tauri dreamed of leading her first expedition. But after space pirates capture the grown-up crew of Stargarden Echo, Lena fools the ship’s clunky, outdated DNA access locks into thinking she’s her missing mother, Captain Aisha Tauri.

It’s not just Lena--all the children left behind pitch in to fill their parent’s jobs. See, the scientists of Stargarden Echo were only months away from completing a 7-year mission building the first Intergalactic Gateway. They planted hundreds of Transport Seeds across the stars and only had a few dozen to go. The finished Gateway will instantly send them back to Home System. But until the complex project is completely built and booted up, they’re stranded. And now, it’s all up to the kids!

Of course, not everyone can fill their parent’s shoes. Job swaps happen all the time as young crewmembers find what they love or where they excel. It…

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